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Azeris destroying Armenian Archeological sites

The medieval Monastery⛪️ complex of #Haghpat in #Lori province

The Armenian Apostolic monastery...

In 2010, #Khachkar, also known as a…

Turkey to turn renovated Armenian church into humour art centre

Combat UAVs are being brought to Azerbaijan from Turkey and Israel under the guise of humanitarian cargo.

Armenia’s ‘Songs of Solomon’ to Compete for International Feature Film

On Aug 25, 2005 @UNESCO chief Kōichirō Matsuura received “Order of Glory” medal from Ilham Aliyev in Baku…

Azerbaijan now lays claims on Armenia proper as well..

This is no day at the beach! What’s the meaning of the beast rising out of the 🌊 in #Revelation 13?

WARNING Graphic Azerbaijani soldiers beat up civilians

Azeris desecrating an Armenian cemetary

Azerbaijani’s atrocities

Azerbaijani soldiers desecrating Armenian graves

Azerbaijani’s savageries

Azerbaijan is destroying Armenian monuments and..

Celebrating the victory the Azerbaijani way

Netanyahu expressing animosity toward Iran

Azerbaijani armed forces and their ISIS accomplices executed more Armenian PoWs,…

Hundreds Of Turks & Azeris Take To The Streets In Lyon, France Looking For Armenians.

📸 Destroyed residential houses and property of Artsakh, damaged as a result of today’s shelling.