On Donald Trump

Good Bye Uncle Don

I may not be a saint, nor a holy man. I don’t even claim to be a pious man. But I have a heart that is passionate about the weak. And I do have a mind that says there is a God. Uncle Don, you said many things that seemed crazy. But I had always admired your honesty. Then you turned a blind eye to the murder of an innocent man, an intellectual, a very bright man, a good man. 

[1] Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated on Oct 2nd, 2018 inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul

When a weak and impoverished (yet proud) Christian nation came under attack by its antichristian enemies determined to annihilate the Christian nation, 

[2] Turkey and Azerbaijan’s animosities toward Christians are nothing new.

it came to you for help. Although you said you would help, you didn’t. God had saved your life from Covid-19. But did you do anything for God in return? Then your beloved son came with Covid-19. Again God saved your son. But, you didn’t do much for Armenia to please him. Did you? You turned your back on one Christian nation that had come to you for help. Knowing how bold you were, recognizing Artsakh’s independence, was something that many had expected from you. Only if you had recognized Artsakh’s independence, everything would have been different. There would not have been bloodshed and heavy destruction. People would not be forced out of their homes. But despite all the sacrifices they had made, Armenians faced a humiliating defeat. How were they supposed to stop an enemy that had been using its oil money to purchase, and arm itself to the teeth?

[3] It is believed that Turkey as well as several other countries including Israel have been supporting Azerbaijan during its military aggression against Artsakh

with nothing but some outdated weaponry? Armenians had been relying on friends’ help that never arrived. They had relied on your help, that you had promised them. God exalted Barak Obama for his heroic act of giving up his campaign and prioritizing helping the victims of a natural disaster. He didn’t care much to get re-elected. He didn’t hesitate to cancel his campaign trip, to be able to serve the nation. But you! You were so busy with your campaign as though you had forgotten everything else. Had you forgotten God too? You not only did not help Armenians but also did exactly the opposite. From what I understand, as your final act of betrayal, you gave the arch-enemy of Armenian Christians

[4] Turkey has always been denying any wrongdoing toward Armenians and been refusing to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. Many believe that Mr. Erdoğan’s goal is to finish off what is left of the once-thriving civilization of Armenia

The green light to go ahead with their plan. It seems like God stroked you down for what you had done, by using your friends and supporters to do the job 

[5] When they stormed the Capitol.

You never thought of that coming. Did you? Despite all the effort you had made, it didn’t seem like God’s will for you to get reelected. Surely God’s ways are amazing. Aren’t they? Will you ever learn your lesson? Pity that you could not let go of your dream of being in the office for a second term. Do you even believe in God? If you don’t, I wish one day you will find him in your heart. But for now, I would like to say, you were one crazy man who played the loudest Trumpet. I have listened enough to your jokes uncle Don. I hate to say it, but I don’t find them funny anymore. Good bye crazy uncle Don.

Good bye

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