Border clarification

Azerbaijan is based on the map of 74th, Armenia – on the map of 70th

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“Azerbaijanis came to Shurnukh and worked on the ground very quickly. We have 11 houses down the road, the last of which is the 12th house. We are talking about 11 houses, the residents had to vacate those houses. ” This was stated by Deputy Mayor of Gorus Irina Yolyan in an interview with RFE / RL’s Armenian Service. 
According to him, dozens of houses in the villages of Vorotan and Shurnukh remain on the Azerbaijani side due to the demarcation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. 

According to Yolyan, such a problem has arisen in the village of Vorotan, and for several days the parties have been arguing over which side of the houses in the upper part of the village will remain.

“We have been constantly sending a signal for several days about the situation in the village of Vorotan that the enemies are even demanding a house built on Armenian soil and never having Azerbaijani territory. But unfortunately, many people we see today confirm that these buildings and houses were built in enemy territory. There are documents and evidence, we always say, we signal, we have not achieved any results so far, “said the deputy mayor of Gorus.

According to the report, the disputed house in Vorotan village belongs to the brother of the village executive representative. In an interview with RFE / RL, Suren Ohanjanyan, a village executive, told RFE / RL that they had not been able to enter the two-story building for several days and needed permission to do so.

“We are our border guards, our border guards are Russian border guards, and the Russians are Azerbaijani border guards.”

“We tell our border guards, our border guards tell the Russian border guards, and the Russians tell the Azerbaijani border guards to allow us to come home and pick up our belongings. Now this building is neutral, neither yours nor ours “

According to the head of the village administration, according to the map of 1970, the village is considered the territory of Soviet Armenia, but in spite of all this, they have not yet been able to convince the Azerbaijanis.

“Now the Turks (Azerbaijanis) have come and say: this is ours. Clarifications are underway. We found a map, we have documents. Now it is being clarified, it is uncertain. This map is a map of the 70s, which shows that this area is considered the territory of Armenia. They look at the map of 74, according to the map of 74, these areas are considered the territory of Azerbaijan, they identify with the help of GPS. 
According to the head of the village administration, now the map in their hands must be given to the Azerbaijani side through Russian border guards. According to him, not only his brother’s house, but also a building close to him is located in the disputed area.

“There is a horticultural enterprise above, people have been building houses for a long time, 10-11 houses, I can’t say for sure, I didn’t count, they are also in this area.”

“If the questions arise in the interests of citizens”

Nicole Pashainyan, archive photo
Nicole Pashainyan, archive photo

At a government meeting, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan touched upon the work on the location of border checkpoints in the Syunik region (Zangazur-Azerbaijan), saying that the work on the ground is accompanied by certain nuances and difficulties. The Prime Minister stressed that this work is necessary to ensure the security of Armenia as a whole. Stating that there are no concessions from the territory of Armenia, Pashinyan touched upon the situation in the two villages of Vorotan and Shurnukh, which may raise certain questions.

“There are certain issues related to the border, the day-to-day work, which can lead to painful situations, but I assure you that if the questions arise in the interests of citizens, the government will offer full compensation and the interests of our citizens will be fully protected.” , – said Pashinyan.

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