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On Mar 30, 2022 08:12 RT wrote 


Bioweapons: Truth or Fiction?

Biological weapons are weapons of mass destruction involving biological agents – pathogens, dangerous viral infections – and the means of delivery. Aerosols, sprays, rodents, or insects can be used to spread pathogens. These weapons are indiscriminate. If used, they can harm anyone in a given area, making them particularly dangerous.

Most people envision biological weapon attacks as a massive plague or smallpox epidemic, or an outbreak of Ebola. For centuries, these diseases had tremendous destructive power. Today, however, biological weapons can be used surreptitiously without causing severe effects. Sometimes, their deadly effects can be stretched over a period of time, making it difficult to determine whether it is a natural phenomenon or a directed attack.

Though these types of weapons were banned in 1925, their development is still active, as dozens of secret labs exist and people’s biological material is collected and stored. So how real is biological warfare?

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