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US cuts Russian access to fertilizers, pipe valves

Similar export restrictions target Belarus

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The US on Friday broadened the list of export sanctions against Russia and Belarus in connection with Moscow’s operation in Ukraine. According to the list published on the website of the US Department of Commerce, Washington is banning US-made fertilizers, pipe valves, ball bearings, and hundreds of other materials and chemicals from being sold to the sanctioned countries directly.

Russia and Belarus would have to apply for a special license if they wish to buy the listed goods from US suppliers, which Washington plans to deny.

This rule expands license requirements for Russia and Belarus under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to all items on the Commerce Control List (CCL),” the document reads.

Similar procedures will apply to products made outside of the US but with American tools.

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The sanctions list is the latest addition to multiple restrictions already placed on Russia and Belarus, banning a broad range of commodities, software, and technology from being exported to the countries.
In a coordinated effort with over 30 other nations, the US has slapped Russia with multiple sanctions and export restrictions over the past six weeks in response to Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine. Russia says the aim of the operation is to demilitarize the neighboring state. This was met with harsh criticism in many Western nations, which view it as unprovoked aggression.

The sanctions pressure on Moscow has been increased over the past week, after a mass grave was discovered near the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Ukraine blames the deaths on Russian troops, while Moscow says it’s a provocation on the part of Kiev.

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