Un-Censoring RT

27 Apr, 2022 12:15 


Donbass: I’m Alive!

Watch the video

Over 400,000 people in Mariupol had to shelter underground because Ukraine’s Azov units wouldn’t let them leave the city. People who had to survive in Mariupol under Ukrainian forces’ shelling watched Ukrainian tanks firing at residential buildings. Though hundreds got a chance to be evacuated, many lost touch with family and friends who were forced to stay. Disrupted cell-phone service and no internet connection left no opportunity for communication. Instead, Russian soldiers would find relatives, relay their messages and reunite people with their loved ones as they patrolled areas, distributing humanitarian aid.

Watch “Donbass: I’m Alive!” on RTD website and on RT’s live feed. The time of the broadcast is available on RT’s schedule page.

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