Oslo Mass Shooting

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Julia (25) kept the perpetrator down: – He should not be harmed anymore

GRAVE IN: At the home of Julia (25) and her roommate, glitter and Pride flags are still hanging on Sunday. Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes / VG

Julia (25) was at work at the nightclub Elsker when she heard the shots about 200 meters away.


Yesterday 18:27

25-year-old Julia was one of several civilians who overpowered murder and terror suspect Zaniar Matapour (42) after he opened fire on several nightclubs in Oslo on Saturday night.

Now Julia and a man in his 40s – who is also said to have helped keep the perpetrator down – tell about the shooting drama that took place in the middle of the capital.

Julia was as usual at work as a security guard at the nightclub Elsker, when the first shots went about 200 meters away.

She tells VG that she had felt anxiety and restlessness all day.

– It was as if I knew something would happen, she says.

Fearing sympathizers of the perpetrator, she does not want VG to write her last name.CHARACTERISTICS: VG meets Julia at her home on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes / VG

Julia had just handled a twisted guest, and was on her way away from the bar’s outdoor area when she heard the bangs.

– I realized it was a shot right away. I ran out into the street and saw lots of people running in all directions. Several had lain down and played dead, she says.

As she approached, she saw the perpetrator with a gun in his hand. Still, she ran straight towards him, she says.

– You were not afraid of being shot yourself?

– I just thought that he f … should not get hurt more.

At home with Julia and her roommate, glitter and Pride flags still hang. On the table are unused plastic cups and an untouched cake with plastic wrap. Saturday was supposed to be a party.

– I feel empty. I feel a lot of hatred towards this person who has hurt so many people, says Julia.

Thrown over fence

Police have praised the civilians who contributed to the perpetrator’s arrest.

– There are some real people who have made a heroic effort to get control of him here the perpetrator, said the police task leader on the spot, Tore Barstad.

A video that TV2 , among others , has published shows several civilians running after the perpetrator before they can put him on the ground.

Julia must be among those who kept him down.

A man in his 40s who wishes to remain anonymous, tells VG that he was sitting with a friend on the outdoor terrace of the bar Herr Nilsen nearby, when he suddenly heard shots.

– It was a guy who stood and shot at what I perceived as the London pub, but who could also go beyond the fast food restaurant and Per at the Corner.

VG has been in contact with the person the man was with that evening, which confirms the story.EXPERIENCE: The man who helped overpower the perpetrator has previous experience from martial arts. Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes / VG

After catching the first two shots, the 40-year-old threw himself over Herr Nilsen’s glass fence, he says.

– The perpetrator seemed very determined, he was aware of where he was shooting at. He fired very actively at a certain place, the witness says.

Then, according to the man, there was a short break, before the perpetrator started firing again, he says.

– I saw that the perpetrator moved a little further away, and then I got up. Then I saw that he continued to fire violently at London, and I lay down over two others, he says.

The 40-year-old describes that another civilian kicked the perpetrator from behind, and he then lost one of his two weapons.

To NRK , a witness describes a similar course of events:

– While changing magazines, a civilian person came running towards him, and he took a tackle on the man, and then he lost his weapon, the witness tells NRK.

A security guard Dagbladet has spoken to is said to have stepped on the pistol to prevent the perpetrator from getting hold of it.

Civilians are then said to have followed the perpetrator for a few meters before he was laid on the ground.

The 40-year-old, who says he has experience from martial arts, kept the perpetrator down along with four or five others.

– He did not respond to pain or anything, he was completely gone.

– Did you understand what the extent of the injured and killed would be?

– I am actually relieved that there were no more killed, to be completely honest, says the man in his 40s.

– You thought there were more?

– Based on the number of shots, yes.CANCELED: Julia and her cohabitant were to arrange a Pride party on Saturday. The decoration still hangs in the apartment. Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes / VG

– Saved many lives

Julia tells VG that she thinks a lot about the relatives, and those who were killed and injured.

– I struggle to eat and sleep. I would like to have the light on, and have my roommate near me.

She is still very happy that she and the others took the risk involved in running after the perpetrator.

– I think we saved many lives.

No regrets

– It has not been my best day. I may have a reaction. I got a little reaction when I left the hotel a couple of hours ago, says the man in his 40s and adds,

– Some people react differently to stress than other people, and I am lucky that I manage to react well in such situations.

The witness says that he does not regret for a second that he chose to intervene.

– This is our city, and I have so many friends who have struggled with so much shit based on their orientation. If we averted an injury or a death, then it’s worth it.

– Those who stand out in everyday life are the ones I see as real heroes.


Published: 26.06.22 at 18:27

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