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Arfan Bhatti taken with knife in car with killer Zaniar Matapour – police close case

NEW CLAIM: Arfan Bhatti has previously been paid a total of around 170,000 kroner in compensation for unlawful criminal prosecution. 
Here in a lawsuit from 2018 in Oslo District Court where he won with one of the compensation claims. 
Photo: Paul Weaver / Nettavisen

Now a new compensation claim awaits from the profiled extreme Islamist.Open share buttons for the articleOpen share buttons for the article

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On April 22, Arfan Bhatti was apprehended by police while sitting in a car on Stovner. The killer was in the car after the Oslo shooting on the night of June 25, Zaniar Matapour .

Bhatti is not charged or suspected in the Oslo shooting.

The online newspaper reported last week that Bhatti was charged with possession of a knife in a car and that he was also arrested . The extreme Islamist was also released the same day. There were two knives in the car, one in the trunk and one on the floor by the passenger seats in the back of the car.

He has always refused to explain himself to the police, someone he is not obliged to do.

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Defender: – The arrest was illegal

The police have now decided to close the case on the evidence, which may indicate that they believe that a criminal offense has been committed, but that it cannot be proven sufficiently to punish him.

Bhatti must in any case be regarded as acquitted of the affair, regardless of the dismissal used by the police.

– In our view, this is a completely obvious closure. Bhatti has never carried a knife in a public place. We also disagree with the reason for the closure “according to the position of the evidence”. Bhatti has not done anything criminal, the case should have been dismissed as “no criminal offense”, says defense attorney Bernt Heiberg in Elden Advokatfirma to Nettavisen.

– The consequence of this is that the arrest of him was once again illegal and without reason.

ILLEGAL: Bernt Heiberg, defender of Bhatti, is annoyed that Bhatti is arrested several times for no reason. Photo: Werner Juvik / Nettavisen

Bhatti has been arrested several times in recent years without it resulting in criminal cases, Nettavisen is informed. The police security service (PST) follows the extreme Islamist very closely and spends extensive resources on reconnaissance against him. This is confirmed by Nettavisen from several sources.

– We are working on another claim for compensation for unjustified prosecution of a sheep client, says Heiberg.

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WATCH VIDEO: Here the killer is arrested after the shooting in Oslo

Several acquittals and compensation cases

Bhatti has a number of convictions against him, the most recent conviction for violence came in 2016. But he has also been acquitted on a number of occasions. Bhatti has been paid compensation for at least three unlawful prosecutions.

  • In 2004, he was charged and later charged after a shooting incident at Sognsvann in Oslo. The following year, he was acquitted in Oslo District Court. According to defense attorney John Christian Elden, the compensation amount was around 50,000 kroner.
  • In recent years, he has also received compensation of 1,500 kroner after being accused in a case of violence.
  • In November 2018, he was awarded a total of 118,000 kroner in compensation after being acquitted of terrorist planning and other matters.
  • In 2019, he again announced a claim against the state, a claim of more than half a million kroner . The reason for this was that Bhatti was arrested on 16 May 2017 and charged in a weapons case. Police attorney in Oslo, Anne Cathrine Ingulstad Aga, filed charges against the Islamist, but was run over by public prosecutor Jens Andenæs who thought the police evidence was not good enough . The compensation case has not been finally decided.

In total, Bhatti has been paid a total of around 170,000 kroner in compensation from the Norwegian state.

After the last suspension, there will be another new claim for compensation from the profiled extreme Islamist Bhatti.

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WEAPON POSITION: PST investigated Bhatti after he posed with weapon images when he was in the mountain areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the period December 2012 – January 2014. The case was dropped. Photo: Private

The reason why the knife case at Stovner from April was dropped to the “position of the evidence” is that the police have cast doubt on whether the knife was in a “gripable position”, ie that he had the opportunity to pull it from the driver’s seat in the car from the floor behind the passenger seats .

– Bhatti is aware it is a knife he was not aware was in the car. Nor was it in any way a knife he could reach from the driver’s seat, Heiberg states.

The day Bhatti was taken in the car with Matapour, the organization Stop Islamization of Norway (Sian) had planned a Koran burning at Stovner. When Bhatti was discovered, a full alarm was sounded. The Sian leader was also informed by the Oslo police that he was not allowed to burn the Koran as planned and that he was also not allowed to approach less than 500 meters from Stovner center.

The online newspaper is aware that the police were concerned that Bhatti and Matapour intended to harm Sian leader Lars Thorsen. But the police had no concrete grounds for suspicion.

Matapour was not reported in the case, as both VG and Nettavisen have previously mentioned.

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PST did investigations

The Oslo police have conducted extensive investigations into the knife case against Bhatti. The online newspaper is also informed that PST has checked up with intelligence information they are sitting on. Police attorney Ellen Karine Aas Lund will not comment on this.

– As usual, we have investigated the case against possible other criminal cases. In all criminal cases, the police go out of their way to see if there are other unresolved cases. There is no drama in it and in this case there were no other cases, says Aas Lund to Nettavisen.

– The reason why we check if there are other cases in other police districts is that it may be desirable to have as many cases decided as possible together.

BHATTI AND THE GANG: Arfan Bhatti (closest to the camera with a black long beard and weapon) has for several years had an extremist Islamist outlook on life. Here he is with a rebel in the mountain areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan between December 2012 – January 2014. Photo: Private

She also did not want to comment on the police’s concern that Bhatti and Matapour intended to attack Sian leader Thorsen.

Formally, Bhatti was charged with illegal arming in a public place, according to section 189 of the Penal Code , but the maximum penalty of one year in prison.

The police lawyer believes it is unfortunate that Bhatti has not been questioned in the knife case.

– We have wanted to interrogate the accused, but it has not been possible. We always want the accused / suspect in cases to explain themselves so that we can get the case as well informed as possible. For example, there may be questions that need to be clarified in the final phase, says Aas Lund.

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