On Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s Imprisonment: What Should Australia Do? | Q+A

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1,254 views Jul 14, 2022 Julian Assange’s brother Gabriel asks the Q+A panel what the Australian government is doing to ensure Julian’s freedom. Subscribe for full episodes and weekly uploads: https://ab.co/2E3pCZ9 Panellists: Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Australia; Peter Khalil, Labor Member for Wills and co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China; George Brandis, Former High Commissioner of Australia to the United Kingdom; Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Academic and author; and Hugh White, Professor of Strategic Studies, ANU. This episode was broadcast on Thursday July 14, 2022. For more from Q+A, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/qanda Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/QandA Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abcqanda/ Q+A is a television discussion program that focuses mostly on politics but ranges across all of the big issues that set Australians thinking, talking and debating. It is driven by interaction: Q+A provides a rare opportunity for Australian citizens to directly question and hold to account politicians and key opinion leaders in a national public forum and Q+A is broadcast live so that not only the studio audience but also the wider audience can get involved. We aim to create a discussion that is constructive, that reflects a diverse range of views and that provides a safe environment where people can respectfully discuss their differences. It’s impossible to represent every view on a single panel or in one audience but we’re committed to giving participants a fair go. In order to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, the program is presented from a range of locations around the country and all Australians are encouraged to get involved through social media as well as by joining the audience. This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel.

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