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James Webb Space Telescope Snaps Pictures of Jupiter During Testing

18:24 GMT 13.07.2022

© NASA/JPL-Caltech



The images were taken with the space telescope’s Near-Infrared Camera and are included in the James Webb Space Telescope commissioning report.

New images of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar system, have recently been obtained by scientists via the James Webb Space Telescope.

The images of the gigantic planet were apparently taken while the space telescope was being tested and were featured in the JWST commissioning report, as ScienceAlert points out.

In the images in question, one can see Jupiter, its rings and three of its moons – Europa, Thebe and Metis – as well as the region in Jupiter’s atmosphere known as the Great Red Spot.

The images were taken by the space telescope’s Near-Infrared Camera.

“Observing a bright planet and its satellites and rings was expected to be challenging, due to scattered light that may affect the science instrument employed, but also the fine guidance sensor must track guide stars near the bright planet,” the report states. “These observations verified the expectation that guide star acquisition works successfully as long as Jupiter is at least 140″ away from the FGS, consistent with pre-flight modeling.”

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