A Puma Named Messi


We are Sasha and Masha, and this is our puma, his name is Messi. We bought this puma from the Petting Zoo at the age of one year. We live in an ordinary apartment where Messi has his organized cozy corner. We go outside to the toilet twice a day, we walk there and waste energy. The cat eats only meat products, a properly balanced diet. In addition, we go to training classes 3 times a week. Messi is a very affectionate and contact cat, does not bite, does not spoil furniture. He likes to be stroked and loves to talk. Still with us lives a pussycat (sphinx) name Kira and she does not really like Messi. She pounds him with his paws and hisses at him. Please, no need to offer to let the puma out to the nearest forest or hand over to the reserve. The state of health of this animal does not allow him to live not only in the wild but even in the aviary outside. We sincerely do not recommend to have a cougar at home. It is very dangerous! Messi is unique, do not repeat this!





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