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UK Sends Frigate to North Sea After Nord Stream Attacks

13 hours ago

Evgeny Mikhaylov - Sputnik International

Evgeny Mikhaylov

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Last week, Nord Stream AG, the operator of the pipelines, reported a major pressure drop and leakage of fuel. The Swedish and Danish authorities later confirmed they had discovered two gas leaks, with the consensus being that the incident was the result of sabotage.

The Royal Navy sent a frigate to the North Sea after the sabotage on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, the Ministry of Defense said. According to London, the British authorities are closely working with the Norwegian navy “to reassure those working near the gas pipelines.”

It wasn’t specified which frigate was dispatched, however, reports suggest it is likely the HMS Somerset (F82), which has been exercising with Norwegian forces near Stavanger. 

Nord Stream 1 and 2 suffered fuel leaks after experiencing rapid pressure drops on September 26, with the operator saying the damage to the pipeline system is unprecedented.

Gas leak at Nord Stream 2 as seen from the Danish F-16 interceptor on Bornholm, Denmark September 27, 2022
© Photo : Danish Defence Command/Forsvaret Ritzau Scanpix

Russia called the sabotage an “unprecedented act of state terrorism”, with president Vladimir Putin saying that the “Anglo-Saxons” are targeting the pipelines to deliberately destroy Europe’s energy infrastructure.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Sunday that the countries who opposed the construction of the pipeline – namely, US, Poland and Ukraine – could have been the direct beneficiaries of the Nord Stream incidents.

The attacks occurred amid an ongoing energy crisis in Europe. Prices have been surging globally since 2021, however, the situation deteriorated even more after the US, Britain and the EU adopted several rounds of anti-Russian sanctions, citing Moscow’s special military operation in Ukraine. Over the past months, gas prices have skyrocketed, resulting in major inflation and a rising cost of living in the EU, Britain, and many other parts of the world.

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