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Pentagon Admits Sending Missiles to Ukraine Capable of Hitting Russian Defensive Systems

1 hour ago

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According to a media report, it could have been an AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM). If true, it would be one of the longest-range missiles that the has US supplied to Ukraine so far, despite Moscow’s warnings about the consequences of arming Kiev. 

The US has supplied Ukraine with anti-radar missiles – a special armament for destroying radar-systems – Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl has announced. Kahl did not reveal how many missiles were sent to Ukraine or when it happened. Nor did he mention their model.

The shipment of anti-radar missiles has not been disclosed in the five latest armaments packages sent to Ukraine by the US by July 1, even though Kahl said that it was included in them.

The Defense Under-Secretary noted that the goal of sending the anti-radar weapons was to allow Ukrainian warplanes to fly without fearing Russian air defenses, which cover, among other things, Russian territory.

“In the near term, we’ve been doing lots of things to make Ukraine’s existing air force stay in the air and be more capable,” he stated.

Kahl added that Washington will also help the Ukrainian Air Force in other ways, namely by sending spare parts for Mig-29s.

The Ukrainian authorities never boasted about receiving anti-radar missiles, unlike other Western weapons. CNN reported, citing an anonymous defense official, that the US had supplied Kiev with AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM). It is capable of hitting radars 48 kilometers away and thus HARMs would be one of the most long-range weapons sent by the US to Ukraine.

Sputnik Explains

How Ukrainians Sell NATO-Supplied Weapons Abroad

4 August, 16:07 GMT

Moscow has repeatedly warned the Western states against shipping weapons to Ukraine, insisting that it only motivates Kiev to fight against Russia and not search a diplomatic solution at the negotiating table. Kremlin also expressed concern that Western weapons supplied to Ukrainians would end up on the black market for global arms. According to Sputnik Arabia’s investigation, some models of the Western weapons from Ukraine have already started to surface on the dark web’s marketplaces.

Russia also cautioned the Western countries against supplying weapons that would be used to hit Russian territory. Moscow warned that should this happen, the retaliatory strikes will target decision-making centers, not necessarily located in Kiev.

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