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Media: Opposing aid to Ukraine, the senator won the US elections


Rand Paul.

Republican US Senator Rand Paul, who previously blocked a vote on allocating funds to Ukraine, won the midterm elections to the US Senate in Kentucky. This forecast was given on Tuesday by The Washington Post, as well as several other American media.

Earlier, the Republican senator opposed fast-track approval of a nearly $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. The senator pushed for a clause in the bill requiring the Washington administration to create a special inspector general to oversee military aid to Ukraine. Paul also abstained from voting on the resolution to ratify the accession protocols for Finland and Sweden to NATO.▼ READ THE CONTINUATION OF THE NEWS ▼

The US midterm elections are held on Tuesday. They elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives of the US Congress and a third of its Senate. In addition, the governors of 36 states and three US overseas territories are elected. Local analysts do not rule out that the ruling Democratic Party may lose control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate following the results of the elections, yielding to its opposition represented by the Republicans.Permanent news address: 
Posted on November 9, 2022 at 04:45 


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