Republicans defeat Democrats in US elections: events of the night of November 9


Republicans are ahead of Democrats in the elections to the House of Representatives and pulled ahead in the Senate, follows from the forecasts of the CNN television channel. By naming the winners of the midterm congressional elections based on their own calculations, the American media thus express confidence that further processing of the ballots will not affect the balance of power. According to CNN estimates, Republican opposition candidates have already won 105 seats in the House of Representatives against 57 for Democrats – President Joe Biden ‘s party mates.. To control the chamber of one of the parties, it is necessary to get 218 seats out of 435. In the Senate, which is re-elected by a third, the Republicans still have 39 seats against 38 for the Democrats. To take the upper house of Congress under its control, the opposition needs 51 seats, the ruling party – 50, given that Vice President Kamala Harris votes on her side in stalemate situations .

Republican US Senator Rand Paul , who previously blocked a vote on allocating funds to Ukraine, won the midterm elections to the US Senate in Kentucky. This forecast was given on Tuesday by The Washington Post, as well as several other American media. Earlier, the Republican senator opposed fast-track approval of a nearly $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. The senator pushed for a clause in the bill requiring the Washington administration to create a special inspector general to oversee military aid to Ukraine. Paul also abstained from voting on the resolution to ratify the accession protocols for Finland and Sweden to NATO.


Republican Marjorie Taylor Green , author of resolutions to impeach incumbent US President Joe Biden, has won re-election to the House of Representatives, according to a forecast published Tuesday evening by the New York Times. By naming the winner, the American media thus express confidence that further vote counting will not affect the outcome of the election. Green is considered one of the closest supporters of former US President Republican Donald Trump.. She became famous for her eccentric remarks, as well as the fact that she became the author of five of the nine resolutions to Joe Biden. While they all failed, experts say her failed attempts could be seen as a roadmap for future investigations if the Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress. On the eve of the election, Green promised that, if successful in the midterm elections, the Republicans would impeach Biden and officials from his administration.

Nearly 54% of voters disapprove of Joe Biden ‘s performance as president of the United States, and 46% believe that his policies are “harmful” to the country, data showexit poll published by CNN. The channel spoke at the polls with American citizens who voted in the midterm elections on Tuesday, and found out their opinion on the quality of the Joe Biden administration. CNN was one of the first resources to publish its exit poll data. So, according to the study, 39% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the United States, 34% – angry. Only 20% expressed satisfaction in answering this question, and even fewer – only 5% – enthusiasm. The work of the head of state following the results of two years of the presidency of Joe Biden was approved by 45% of respondents, 54% opposed. At the same time, 46% said that the policy of the current owner of the White House “does harm” to the country.

The US administration admits that providing military assistance to Ukraine is draining the West’s arsenals and putting “pressure” on their military-industrial complexes. This was stated on Tuesday at an online meeting with the Washington-based Defense Writers Group (U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cole . He was asked to comment on the consequences of providing defense assistance to Kiev in the long term. “Undoubtedly, this puts pressure on our It puts pressure on our military-industrial complex and our allies as well Secretary [Defense Lloyd ] Austinhas been aimed from the outset to ensure that we are not exposing ourselves to undue risk, that is, that we are not reducing our stockpile to the extent that it undermines our preparedness and ability to respond to other major emergencies elsewhere in the world.” Col answered.

The US administration pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to remove the clause on the impossibility of negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin from the list of conditions for starting a dialogue. The Politico newspaper wrote about this on Tuesday, citing its sources. The publication notes that on November 7, Zelensky listed five conditions for starting negotiations with MoscowTP, among which there was no mention of the impossibility of negotiations with Putin. As Politico writes, the change in position is “directly due to a gentle nudge from the administration of US President Joe Biden“. According to Politico, Zelenskiy softened his approach after lengthy negotiations between Kiev and Washington, including during a visit to Ukraine by U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan . According to the newspaper, US officials did not directly ask Zelensky to change his position on the negotiations, but conveyed that Kyiv needed to show the world its readiness to end the conflict peacefully. One of the sources told the publication that at the same time, Washington does not believe that negotiations should begin immediately.

Turkey counts on Sweden’s entry into NATO, but expects concrete steps from it to implement the Madrid memorandum on membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced this on Tuesday after talks in Ankara with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson .. “We sincerely hope that Sweden will fulfill the Memorandum of Accession to NATO, which was signed by three countries (Turkey, Finland and Sweden). We expect concrete steps from her that will meet the spirit of alliance in our relations,” he said. Erdogan added that in Ankara, first of all, they expect the northern country to eliminate concerns regarding the issues of confronting organizations that are classified as terrorist in Turkey. Erdogan called Sweden’s lifting of restrictions on the supply of military products to Turkey a positive step. He also said that a new meeting between representatives of the three countries will be held in Stockholm at the end of the month.

Taiwan’s chief executive, Tsai Ing-wen , believes that China poses a real threat of an invasion of the island. She said this in a conversation published on Tuesday with a journalist from The Atlantic. “It is real that such a thing [invasion] can happen to us. So we need to get ready. There is a real threat. It’s not just hype,” she said. The head of the Taiwanese administration did not rule out that the People’s Liberation Army of China could take steps against the island. “If the PLA wants to do something drastic, then [President] Xi [ Jinping] will have to calculate the costs. He will need to think twice,” she said. The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China approved the introduction of a provision against Taiwan independence into the Charter of the CPC. The corresponding resolution calls for “comprehensively, clearly and unwaveringly to implement the policy of” one country – two systems “, resolutely suppress and contain the separatist forces advocating the so-called independence of Taiwan.”Permanent news address: 
Posted November 9, 2022 at 06:45

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