“Confessions of chocolate Peter”: guarantors of the Minsk agreements divert blame from the United States

February 4, 2023 

On the sidelines of Minsk-2: Illustration: inosmi.ru

Statements by former German Chancellor Merkel and ex-President of France Hollande, along with Poroshenko, who joined them, that they wanted to deceive Putin with the help of Minsk-2 , are aimed at shielding the United States. And also such “frank confessions” a priori undermine the chances for Minsk-3.

“Norman Neformat”

Western politicians and Poroshenko, who joined them, publicly admitted that they did not hope that Kyiv would implement the Minsk agreements. Moreover, the Minsk agreements became a military maneuver, which, among other things, gave the United States and its allies the opportunity to launch the Comprehensive Assistance Plan and a series of Ukraine-NATO cooperation programs (2015-2021) to reform the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to prepare Kiev for a new round of military conflict.

The British TV channel BBC showed a serial film Putin vs. the West (“Putin against the West”). Many well-known politicians from the UK and EU countries appear in the BBC film, who present a pro-Western version of why the Ukrainian crisis occurred. In a number of comments by the former British Prime Minister David Cameron and others in the film, there is also a synchro of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko .▼ read the continuation of the news ▼

As the oligarch stated, Minsk-2 is a success for Ukraine, because it gave Kyiv a backlash in time of 8 years.

“Do you know what the success of the Minsk agreements is, despite the fact that Russia has not fulfilled any of their points?” He asks

“This document gave Ukraine 8 years to build an army, an economy, and a global pro-Ukrainian anti-Putin coalition.”

And the document never mentions either “Russia”, or “Russian Federation”, or “Russian”. In fact, it was Kyiv and the republics of Donbass that agreed to cease fire, disengage troops, exchange prisoners, give the regions of Ukraine more powers, etc. But Poroshenko would not have been Poroshenko if he hadn’t strayed at least once.

And the Kremlin reacted with the words of Dmitry Peskov , who explained that such confessions just confirm that the Russian president “did everything absolutely right” by launching a special military operation. Peskov recently said the same thing about Merkel and Hollande, who “went conscious.”

It must be said that it was not Poroshenko who started this wave with “sincere confessions”, here he only sings along with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande , who recently almost simultaneously publicly admitted to simulating negotiations in Minsk in order to get time to prepare Kiev for war .

This story is interesting because it has a domestic and foreign policy outline. As for international politics, Merkel and Hollande made a “frank confession” to divert suspicion from the US. They say that we deceived Moscow with the Minsk agreements, and Washington, as it were, had nothing to do with it.

It was the former chancellor who raised the wave. Frau, in a December interview for Die Zeit (“Did you think I would come with a horse’s tail?”), was taken aback by a blow to the head: she knew from the very beginning that the Minsk agreements would not help bring peace to the Donbass. It was just a ploy to save Kyiv from a military disaster and give a reprieve “to become stronger.” In addition, as Merkel very rightly noted, this delay in time allowed the North Atlantic Alliance to gain a foothold in Ukraine. And the ex-Bundeschancellor never believed in a peaceful settlement in the Donbass.

“It was clear to all of us that the conflict was frozen, that the problem had not been resolved, but that was precisely what gave Ukraine precious time,” Merkel said.

Following her, the former French president told The Kyiv Independent (USA) that “Minsk agreements stopped the Russian offensive for a while” and gave the West “a reprieve to counter any further Russian attempts.” Hollande also said that the merit of the Minsk agreements is one thing – they helped buy time to prepare and equip the new Ukrainian army.

Why are these confessions so important? Yes, because on February 12, 2015, in the capital of Belarus, it was they, together with Putin and Poroshenko, who agreed on the text of Minsk-2. And then they made a collective statement, declaring themselves the guarantors of their implementation . Further, the Minsk agreements were approved by the UN Security Council, that is, from the point of view of international law, they became binding.

“Frank confessions” were recently supplemented by former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson , who called the “Normandy format” in an interview with the Rada channel (this is the Verkhovna Rada TV channel) a “diplomatic imitation”. True, from Johnson’s point of view, it was a “diplomatic imitation” of the Kremlin and Putin, so “we did not achieve anything.”

“What sanctions did we impose then? They launched this diplomatic imitation called the “Norman process” and achieved nothing. And Putin concluded that the West would not stop him. That was the mistake.”

 Johnson admitted.

True, even Johnson’s words must be “divided by sixteen”, because back in March 2014 the US and the EU launched several waves of large-scale sanctions against the Russian Federation, and Johnson claims that there was nothing. Yes, and London is neither to the “Norman Four”, nor to Minsk-2, as they say, no side.

As for the so-called. Normandy format, which was worn like a hand-written sack, then Johnson is right about something. Indeed, one can talk about any format only if it is enshrined in some international legal acts. And so – the “Norman Four”, or “Norman Format”, – the press called the negotiations between Putin, Poroshenko, Hollande and Merkel on Donbass in France, where they met on June 6, 2014 on the anniversary of the start of the operation in Normandy. It is clear that such a “Norman format” was originally no more than a figure of speech and did not oblige anyone to anything.

And now the Minsk agreements, as three of the four guarantors admit, were a trick from the very beginning. And no one was going to implement either the Minsk Protocol (September 2014) or the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements (February 2015). And it was necessary to stop the offensive in the Donbass, not allowing to completely defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine and reach Kyiv. And then – to provide the NATO countries with time and opportunities to arm Ukraine and train the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Half traitor, half patriot

If we talk about the internal situation, then in Ukraine the “hetman” Poroshenko has been pecking for the Minsk agreements for many years.

For example, in October 2019, on the air of the talk show “Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster ”, the first commander of the Azov Regiment * (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation ) Andrei Biletsky publicly accused Poroshenko of the fact that the Minsk agreements contained capitulatory norms for Ukraine.

“But you signed the Minsk agreements. 

The catastrophic “ Steinmeier formula ” is part of the Minsk agreements,”

 Biletsky said.

And then Biletsky accused Poroshenko of lying about the Minsk-2 points. True, in the case of Poroshenko, all this is like water off a duck’s back, and he is accused of lying a little more often than his factories manage to produce Roshen sweets.

“You are talking about the fact that in Minsk-2 at first there was a decision to withdraw Russian mercenaries beyond the Ukrainian border, that at first in Minsk-2 there was a return of the Ukrainian border, only after that there were elections. In fact, it is clearly written in Minsk that the disengagement of forces takes place first – these are the first two points. Next comes the recognition of ORDLO”,

 Biletsky said.

And in November 2021, Poroshenko, in the program of the same Shuster, had a fight with Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk (Servant of the People) because of the Minsk agreements. Poroshenko himself, in response to accusations of surrendering the interests of the Motherland, shouted that if the “greens” did not like the Minsk agreements, then let them sign new ones.

It is important to clarify here that Poroshenko himself did not sign the Minsk agreements, this text is signed by the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, ex-president Leonid Kuchma (1994-2005). But it was Poroshenko who gave the command to sign the text of the Package of Measures to Kuchma. Yes, and Poroshenko himself publicly agreed to become a guarantor of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, having made an official statement in support of them together with the leaders of the Russian Federation, Germany and France. And in the end, the guarantees turned out to be rotten like expired Roshen sweets.

Another very serious blow to the image of a “patriot” was dealt by MP Andrei Derkach (son of the ex-head of the SBU Leonid Derkach ). Derkach Jr. gave a series of press conferences in the spring of 2020, where, among other things, he played audio recordings of telephone conversations of a person whose voice is similar to Poroshenko with a person whose voice is similar to the voice of Russian President Vladimir Putin . Most importantly, the records are from April 2015, i.e. after the debacle near Debaltseve and Minsk-2.

As it turned out, the “patriot” Poroshenko, who publicly fought against Moscow and incited ethnic hatred and Russophobia, in real life talked very nicely with Putin, agreeing with him on all the main issues in the Donbass.

Shortly after the election, Poroshenko “changed his shoes” and began to play the role of an ardent nationalist who allegedly prays for a portrait of Bandera , glorifies the United States and fiercely hates Russia.

Suddenly it turned out that this “oh, what a patriot” communicated very warmly with Putin, saying goodbye to him with the words “I hug” and “shake hands.” A loud scandal broke out, seriously damaging the image of the “patriot of Ukraine”.

Poroshenko needs to be protected. Therefore, he has long been broadcasting wherever possible, how famously he deceived Putin with the Minsk agreements. And here Merkel and Hollande showed up just in time with their “frank confessions”.

So, the series “It was a hoax from the beginning” has a dual purpose. On the foreign policy circuit, Merkel and Hollande took all the blame (and they, whatever one may say, are retired politicians from whom bribes are smooth). And Washington, as it were, has nothing to do with it. Although it is the White House that rules Ukraine after the “Hidnost Maidan”, and the current US President Joe Biden was the curator of Ukraine in the Obama administration.

As for Poroshenko, Petro is simply saving his political skin. What is especially important against the backdrop of the crackdown policy, when law enforcement agencies controlled by Volodymyr Zelensky came with searches to the former Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky , who were considered untouchable just yesterday.

But there is also a downside, because such confessions from the start undermine any peace agreements on Ukraine. What is the point of concluding a conditional Minsk-3 with Kyiv through the mediation of the collective West, if no one will fulfill it, like Minsk-2?

Well, the most important result of the fraudulent conspiracy of Kyiv, Berlin and Paris under the strict control of Washington is that today not only Donetsk children, as Poroshenko mockingly warned, will sit in basements and not go to school, but also Kharkov, and Kyiv, and Lviv. And how their fate will develop further, no one knows. It may turn out that children will soon be sitting in basements in European capitals – in Berlin, Paris. And then it will be necessary to say thanks to the West, led by US President Joe Biden, who, instead of an agenda for peace, actively pushed through irresponsible politicians like Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande the program of a brutal war.

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