Nord Stream Was Blown Up by a Terrorist Country

Sergey Savchuk

Sergey Savchuk

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Yesterday a bomb of such power exploded in the world information field that hundreds of meters of ocean waves or a similar thickness of granite could not hide this explosion. Without any exaggeration, the outstanding and extremely well-deserved American journalist Seymour Hersh 

published an investigation on the margins of his own website, drawing on the main geopolitical scandal of the 21st century.Hersh, citing a high-ranking American intelligence officer, describes in great detail 

the preparation and conduct of a terrorist attack on the Russian-European main gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. Everything about this report is interesting.

Yesterday, 19:03

The White House called Hersh’s publication about the explosions at Nord Stream a lie

For example, that the US State Department  , together with the military from the 

Pentagon and

CIA agents , began planning to blow up the gas pipeline back in 2021, that is, long before the start of the NWO. This timeline, however, is by no means accidental. In 2021, the construction of the linear part of the “stream” was completed and commissioning work began, that is, the start of physical gas pumping became a matter of a very short time. Along the way, 

Washington realized that 

Germany and a pool of European countries were silently sabotaging demands to break off relations with 

Moscow and intended to increase purchases of Russian gas, the basis of European economic prosperity.From the government, the operation was supervised by Secretary of State 

Anthony Blinken and his deputy,

Victoria Nuland , notorious since the Kiev Maidan . Practical development was entrusted to CIA chief Bill Burns.Initially, according to Hersh, the plan was purely military in nature. Representatives of the Air Force offered to launch a bombing strike with deep-seated ammunition, the naval command wanted to undermine the gas pipeline using a torpedo fired from a submarine. In the end, both options were abandoned, since the presence of an attack aircraft over the highway is easily fixed by Russian surveillance equipment, as well as the noise of a torpedo is found by echolocators. That is, to combine these events and the explosion at a single point in time is as easy as shelling pears.

A section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the German city of Lubmin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 08.02.2023

Yesterday, 17:50

The journalist clarified who ordered the launch of the operation against Nord StreamTherefore, it was decided to blow up the gas line with a mine with remote detonation, for which a team of combat swimmers was involved, who installed the charge during the planned 

NATO exercises BALTOPS 22. In order to further protect themselves and avert suspicions, the direct detonation operation was entrusted to the Norwegian side. As you know, all warships and aircraft left the exercise zone, only a few days later three explosions thundered in the dark depths of the Baltic waters. The disguise was upheld.Two points described in the investigation are extremely noteworthy at once.Firstly, the President of the United States knew very well about the operation itself. 

True, Joe Biden , who regularly greets ghosts , could not resist and blurted out top secret information. On February 7, that is, exactly two weeks before the start of the special military operation, Biden openly stated that if the Russian army crossed the 

Ukrainian border , Nord Stream 2 would be destroyed. Even earlier, on January 28, Victoria Nuland let it slip. She 

statedthat the gas pipeline would never be launched and it would be better if the Russians supplied it not with gas, but with vodka.

Location of the leak on the Nord Stream gas pipeline

February 2, 11:20

Lavrov commented on Nuland’s reaction to the Nord Stream explosionsSecondly, the leaders of the most interested countries, in particular German Chancellor 

Olaf Scholz , were informed about the planned explosion through secret channels . And it was presented as the greatest blessing. Nord Stream 2 was blown up on September 22, and on October 3, Secretary of State Blinken said the following verbatim: “At last, 

Europe will be able to get rid of its complete dependence on cheap Russian gas, which Putin uses as an imperial weapon.”Actually, everything described above was an open secret and rested only on official recognition based on the results of the investigation, which, however, crawled at a snail’s pace and was demonstratively sabotaged. And just a couple of days ago, 

Denmark officially refused to acquaint the Russian side with its results, and, if not for Seymour Hersh’s information bomb, everything would have remained at the level of an obvious, but legally unformed confirmation.

Journalist Seymour Hersh - RIA Novosti, 1920, 08.02.2023

Yesterday, 17:25

Journalist Hersh confirmed the authorship of the article about the explosions at Nord StreamIt is extremely clear that now a titanic campaign will be launched in the West to discredit the author of the article, designed to maximally retouch the very fact and divert attention to a host of minor, if not completely irrelevant details.True, there is a certain difficulty here.Seymour Hersh is not just a journalist – he is a real idol and pillar of Western journalism. His works are studied at universities as a model of free and independent journalism, his works are published in huge circulations. It was Hersh who, in 1970, brought to the attention of the public a monstrous crime in the Vietnamese village of Song My. A year earlier, American soldiers there tortured, raped, and then shot 504 civilians, 210 of whom were children. The ensuing investigation showed that there were no soldiers or weapons in the village, and everything that happened was just an act of bestial unreasonable cruelty. For his work, Hersh received a Pulitzer Prize, and all war criminals were acquitted. The only sentence of three years of house arrest was Lt. William Kelly, who was then pardoned by the government.

Meeting of the UN Security Council - RIA Novosti, 1920, 08.02.2023

Yesterday, 17:38

Member of the State Duma urged to discuss the investigation of journalist Hersh in the UN Security CouncilHersh’s materials cannot be brushed aside because, in addition to the main award in the field of journalism, he was awarded four times the George Polk Award (given to the best journalists by the University of Long Island), the Letelier-Moffitt Award in the field of human rights, and the Sam Adams Award. . 

The latter is awarded only to intelligence officers who have taken a position of integrity and ethics – for example, Edward Snowden once received it . So Seymour Hersh is not just a journalist, but a person whose interaction with the special services is impossible to deny, which adds even more weight and fire to his exposure.I really want to wish this desperate man of incredible honesty to withstand the coming storm. Because according to American tradition, all such people suddenly die or go to jail, because it suddenly turns out that forty years ago they raped a maid.


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