The West Has Found a Way to Defeat Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 09.02.2023

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Russian President Vladimir Putin

Petr Akopov

Petr Akopov

Dreams of a world without Putin continue to inspire Western leaders—the only difference is how they want to achieve it. Although the bet on an internal Russian coup or turmoil – and some of the Anglo-Saxon elites had it, suffice it to recall Biden’s words that “this man cannot remain in power” – did not work, the belief that Putin would not only lose, but also punished, warms the hearts of the leaders of the “free world”. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, speaking in Parliament during Zelensky’s visit to London, answered questions from deputies. The opposition Labor leader asked Rishi Sunak if he agreed that Putin and his entourage should be tried in The Hague, as happened after the end of the war in Yugoslavia. “That would be absolutely right,” Sunak said, adding,

Rishi Sunak - RIA Novosti, 1920, 08.02.2023

Yesterday, 16:20

Sunak called the goal to help Kyiv win a military victory in 2023In general, the idea of ​​the conditional “The Hague” (at the location of two courts, which are often confused – the International Court of Justice 

and the

International Criminal Court , which is not related to this organization , the ICC) is constantly heated both in 

Ukraine and in the West. They describe various options for how this could be done, and constantly recall the experience of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. 

ICTYtried those who, in the opinion of the board, were guilty of the victims of the bloody collapse of the republic. The most famous defendant was former Yugoslav President Milosevic, who died in The Hague without waiting for a verdict. Since Milosevic was the only head of state brought to an international court (and the ICTY itself was the first international court after Nuremberg), this precedent is much loved by all anti-Putinists.Their trouble is that in order to attract Putin and the leadership of 

Russiathe smallest thing is missing before the court – the consent of Russia. In other words, you must first defeat Russia (and on the battlefield), then achieve a change of power in our country to a puppet one, after which the new government still has to vote for the creation of such an international tribunal, that is, in fact, completely renounce the sovereignty of their own state. Because the same ICTY was created in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution, for which Russia voted in 1993, when the country’s leadership was completely occupied with internal political struggle, and our foreign policy was almost completely subordinated to the West. Only Morawiecki or Kasparov can imagine a repetition of such a situation (and even worse, because here they will have to vote for the trial of their own citizens).

Russian President Vladimir Putin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 08.02.2023

Yesterday, 10:50

The words of the Minister of defense of Germany about a world without Putin outraged netizensLast month, 

Annalena Burbock argued about a tribunal for Ukraine, in which “the Russian leadership should not have immunity,” now here’s Sunak. Do they themselves believe it? Burbock, speaking in The Hague, proposed the creation of a court based on the Ukrainian Criminal Code, while supplemented by international components, lamenting that Putin cannot be held accountable under the ICC, since Russia does not recognize him.Amazing, yes. Russia does not recognize the structures created by the West, and the West cannot create a court by decision of the UN, because Russia (and 

China ) simply will not support such a decision. Worse, even Western governments cannot judge Putin: on Wednesday, the “international investigation team” set up by the 

Netherlands and Ukraine, which dealt with the case of the downed Malaysian Boeing MH17 in 2014, suspended the criminal investigation because it “reached the limit, all leads have been exhausted “(Russia has already been found guilty there), while stating that “Putin has immunity as head of state, so he cannot be prosecuted in this case.”Dead end? No, the West will continue to talk about “Putin’s trial.” But why?

Russian President Vladimir Putin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 01/30/2023

January 30, 14:02

Media: The West decided on a new reckless step in an attempt to defeat PutinFirstly, because it is an element of the information-psychological war: the West is sure that if you constantly scare the Russian leadership (and, more broadly, the elite) with The Hague, then sooner or later a split and a change of power will occur in the state. Here they are clearly inspired by the example of 

Serbia , because 

Belgrade itself handed over Milosevic to “international justice.” But Russia is not Serbia, and Putin is not Milosevic. And the appearance of our own 

Zoran Djindjic (a prime minister who decided to extradite the ex-president and then was shot for it) is impossible to imagine in our country, even in the very distant future. Only if Russia as such no longer exists, but then there will be no one to judge Putin. Everyone remembers his words about a world without Russia, right?Secondly, the West needs to demonstrate to its own citizens a fighting spirit: we will win, there will be no compromises with Russia, we will go to the end, we will put Putin in a cage. Does the Western public believe this? Some part of it, no doubt, yes – and this gives the current Western leaders a touch of the masculinity and determination they need so much.

Artillerymen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation fire at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Msta-B howitzer in the southern sector of the special operation - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05.02.2023

February 5, 21:49

Special operation, February 5: Bennett spoke about the West’s decision to “thrash Putin”So for us, all this talk about “Putin’s trial” is important only as an indicator of the state of the Atlantic elites: the more they talk about it, the worse things are in reality. The role and place of Putin in current events will be determined only by history, and not very soon, but we will see its trial of those who are now trying to earn points on dreams of a tribunal over Russia and its president very soon, literally in the coming years. Electoral cycles in the West are short – and Putin will not even remember how many Atlantic “heavyweights” who were going to outmaneuver, defeat or condemn him, he has already survived. And he will survive – not even condescending to answer them.


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  • Translated from Russian by Google Translate

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